Common Sense Approach

Bill Hanlon and his 6 +1 Strategies for Student Success are a common sense approach to improving math learning for students in all grades. Bill’s knowledge of math, dedication to teaching and learning, and his systematic instructional system have had a lasting impact on our K-12 approach to math instruction. As a result of his work with our district, we have embedded specific actions that all math classrooms will implement. His work as an educational consultant was the most comprehensive I have ever experienced. His ability to work with novice teachers as well as veteran teacher leaders, model lessons, mentor new administrators on instructional leadership, conduct parent workshops, and make presentations to the Board of Education were all part of his commitment to ensure successful implementation of his program in our district. In addition, Bill provided a wealth of resources, and was always available to our staff and parents in between his on-site visits. Building success upon success with quick, crisp, purposeful reviews, simple straightforward examples, linking prior learning to new concepts, connecting instruction, notes, homework, and assessments, designing an assessment system that gives students credit for what they know, and utilizing the “my kid” standard all but guarantee higher student performance in math.