Increased Student Achievement

Working with Bill Hanlon and his “6 + 1” instructional and assessment strategies has brought our math department together by providing students and teachers a single consistent unifying message. Implementing those strategies has resulted in increased student achievement, grade distributions, and graduation rate. His commonsense strategies are well received by teachers and parents and his willingness to model those strategies in their classrooms has really helped our new teachers.

In addition to the “6 + 1” strategies, his demand that teachers identify simple straight-forward examples, math linkages and creating a test blueprint before instruction begins has changed the mindset of our teachers. They have seen the benefit of using these examples and linkages that have increased student comfort levels, expectations, and grades.

Bill also expects teachers communicate with parents/guardians regularly with a positive message that says “we care”. And, as he demonstrates model lessons, he models parent phone calls for teachers to sell a very positive message about our school.