Math PD, Bill’s the Best

Bill Hanlon’s assistance was paramount in the dramatic change in our school’s official state label from persistently low achieving to an A rated high school. Bill’s staunch belief that all students can succeed in math in conjunction with his approach to mathematics instruction via the straightforward, common sense “6+1” framework immediately changed the mathematics instruction and achievement on our campus. The “6+1” framework facilitates a very cohesive relationship between planning, instruction, and assessment at the classroom level. His practical approach is easy to implement and pays great dividends in the form of student success at all levels of math.

Additionally Bill’s conceptual understanding of mathematics is without peer. Bill worked elbow to elbow with our teachers to ensure that all aspects of the instructional core was approached in a thoughtful and effective manner. He worked with our teachers to create smart lesson plans, with clear examples that would allow students wrestle with the content and not the arithmetic. Bill also helped the teachers understand not only what content to deliver but how the content fits longitudinally into the bigger picture of math instruction K-12. Bill would talk our teachers through these linkages and then he would go into classrooms and model it to provide concrete illustrations of how these linkages can promote student understanding. Unlike other consultants that we worked with, Bill would not only make suggestions or prescribe changes, he would model these changes and work step by step to ensure a high quality of implementation. Our teachers and administrators love working with Bill and we owe him a great debt of gratitude for his assistance in the dramatic change at our school.