Learning the Basics of Mathematics

Although it is fair to say that mathematics are an essential part of our daily lives, not everyone finds the process of learning math to be easy. Even the sharpest of students can struggle with this subject, and some people find that without the right guidance, getting through the basics of math becomes incredibly difficult. […]

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How to Know if You need Professional & Additional Mathematics Instruction

Today, it seems that math is very rarely a student’s favorite subject. Some children and young adults find the concept of math to be boring and un-engaging, whereas others simply cannot come to terms with the theories that are used. If your students suffer with math, Hanlonmath could be the ideal solution, replacing the confusion […]

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Note-taking Results in Increased Student Achievement

When asked, memory researchers reported the number one “memory aid” which they themselves use is write it down – educators call that note-taking. Teachers should require students to take notes in all classes. Note taking keeps students engaged in learning, helps them complete their daily homework assignments, enhances their study, acts as a foundation from […]

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