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Teachers of Struggling Students in Math Conference

Increase Test Scores in Mathematics! Identifying Highly Effective, Proven Strategies Classroom Teachers Can Immediately Implement To Increase Student Achievement

Implementing a balanced delivery of instruction and assessment.

  • Identifying and implementing teacher expectancies/protocols.
  • Specific recommendations on how to link math concepts and skills to previous learning and outside experiences.
  • Techniques for working with English language learners, reluctant or unsuccessful learners, and students living in poverty.
  • Strategies to increase students’ ability to speak, read, and write mathematics.
  • Strategies to help students learn more effectively and efficiently.
  • Ideas for introducing concepts in algebra while reviewing and reinforcing basic math skills.
  • Using data from assessing student work to modify instructional practices.
  • Effective review strategies that prepare students for high stakes tests.
  • A variety of methods for helping students become better learners and problem solvers.
  • Evaluating components of an effective lesson.
  • Building a “success on success” model to increase student confidence, participation, and performance. • Understanding the connection between student-teacher relationships and student achievement.

PowerPoint Notes

Linking Cartoons
Lobbying NASSP San Francisco 2011
Teachers of Struggling Students – Math TOSS – Overview