Setting Struggling Students Up for Success Using Assessments

If teachers know what they want their students to know, recognize, understand, communicate and be able to do, their students should know too. Before discussing chapter/unit tests, I think we should know and understand that students who don’t graduate high school are typically credit deficient. Students are credit deficient because they don’t pass their classes. […]

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Note-taking Results in Increased Student Achievement

When asked, memory researchers reported the number one “memory aid” which theythemselves use is write it down – educators call that note-taking. Teachers should requirestudents to take notes in all classes. Note taking keeps students engaged in learning, helps themcomplete their daily homework assignments, enhances their study, acts as a foundation fromwhich to prepare for […]

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New Blog

If you are not satisfied with your school’s performance in mathematics, Bill Hanlon will provide professional development for classroom and teachers and administrators that will focus on content, instructional and assessment strategies by connecting preparation to instruction, notes, homework, practice tests and assessments.

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