Students Struggling in Mathematics? Too Many Grades of D or F?

Primary uses of videos:

  • Substitute Teacher Use
  • Greater Parental Involvement
  • Remediation of Struggling Students

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Math, it’s really this easy!

  • Is the teacher shortage in math affecting your students? Do you have long term substitutes?
  • Are students struggling to understand math concepts and skills?
  • Do your students need extra help? Interventions? Tutoring? Or remediation?
  • Do you have a math lab?
  • Do you have homebound students?
  • Do you have an in-house suspension program?
  • Would you like to introduce blended learning in your school?
  • Would you like to “flip the classroom”?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then using Hanlonmath’s Multi-purpose Classroom Instructional Videos may be an answer.

Bill Hanlon’s Multi-purpose Classroom Instructional Videos (CIV) can make a tremendous difference in students’ knowledge, comfort level, understanding and application of mathematics.

Unlike most videos that are 5 to 6 minutes in length and demonstrate one problem, Hanlon’s Classroom Instructional Videos are 20-25 minutes in length.  As required with the implementation of the common core standards, he explains the “why” behind the math and links concepts and skills to previously learned concepts, skills, and outside experiences to increase student understanding and comfort with mathematics.

Linking concepts and skills allows him to review and reinforce previously learned math and/or address student deficiencies.

Employing the model of building success on success, he begins each lesson with an introduction followed by a quick, crisp, purposeful review of material students will need to remember to be successful in the day’s lesson.

Following that quick review, students are asked to take out their notebooks and directed to take notes that include the date, title of the lesson, daily objective, conceptual development or linking the lesson to previously learned math or outside experiences and guided practice.

Nothing ruins a good lesson like a bad example. Bill uses multiple simple straight-forward examples to develop concepts, clarify and allow students to see patterns that lead to procedures, formulas or theorems that explain the “why” behind the math they are learning. Students are then given opportunity for guided practice so they can develop procedural fluency to be successful with the common core standards. Using his belief in building success on success, each video has an exercise sheet with compatible numbers so students can successfully practice what they are taught without being bogged down in arithmetic.

His use of positive reinforcement creates the expectation that the students will not only succeed, but feel very comfortable in their new found knowledge.

Each lesson is closed by restating the objective and quickly summarizing what the students have learned.

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