Increased Student Achievement

Working with Bill Hanlon and his “6 + 1” instructional and assessment strategies has brought our math department together by providing students and teachers a single consistent unifying message. Implementing those strategies has resulted in increased student achievement, grade distributions, and graduation rate. His commonsense strategies are well received by teachers and parents and his willingness to model those strategies in their classrooms has really helped our new teachers.

In addition to the “6 + 1” strategies, his demand that teachers identify simple straight-forward examples, math linkages and creating a test blueprint before instruction begins has changed the mindset of our teachers. They have seen the benefit of using these examples and linkages that have increased student comfort levels, expectations, and grades.

Bill also expects teachers communicate with parents/guardians regularly with a positive message that says “we care”. And, as he demonstrates model lessons, he models parent phone calls for teachers to sell a very positive message about our school.

Lori Lawson-Sarabyn
Cimarron Memorial High School

Common Sense Approach

Bill Hanlon and his 6 +1 Strategies for Student Success are a common sense approach to improving math learning for students in all grades. Bill’s knowledge of math, dedication to teaching and learning, and his systematic instructional system have had a lasting impact on our K-12 approach to math instruction. As a result of his work with our district, we have embedded specific actions that all math classrooms will implement. His work as an educational consultant was the most comprehensive I have ever experienced. His ability to work with novice teachers as well as veteran teacher leaders, model lessons, mentor new administrators on instructional leadership, conduct parent workshops, and make presentations to the Board of Education were all part of his commitment to ensure successful implementation of his program in our district. In addition, Bill provided a wealth of resources, and was always available to our staff and parents in between his on-site visits. Building success upon success with quick, crisp, purposeful reviews, simple straightforward examples, linking prior learning to new concepts, connecting instruction, notes, homework, and assessments, designing an assessment system that gives students credit for what they know, and utilizing the “my kid” standard all but guarantee higher student performance in math.

Laura Hirsch
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Crete-Monee School District 201U

Math PD, Bill’s the Best

Bill Hanlon’s assistance was paramount in the dramatic change in our school’s official state label from persistently low achieving to an A rated high school. Bill’s staunch belief that all students can succeed in math in conjunction with his approach to mathematics instruction via the straightforward, common sense “6+1” framework immediately changed the mathematics instruction and achievement on our campus. The “6+1” framework facilitates a very cohesive relationship between planning, instruction, and assessment at the classroom level. His practical approach is easy to implement and pays great dividends in the form of student success at all levels of math.

Additionally Bill’s conceptual understanding of mathematics is without peer. Bill worked elbow to elbow with our teachers to ensure that all aspects of the instructional core was approached in a thoughtful and effective manner. He worked with our teachers to create smart lesson plans, with clear examples that would allow students wrestle with the content and not the arithmetic. Bill also helped the teachers understand not only what content to deliver but how the content fits longitudinally into the bigger picture of math instruction K-12. Bill would talk our teachers through these linkages and then he would go into classrooms and model it to provide concrete illustrations of how these linkages can promote student understanding. Unlike other consultants that we worked with, Bill would not only make suggestions or prescribe changes, he would model these changes and work step by step to ensure a high quality of implementation. Our teachers and administrators love working with Bill and we owe him a great debt of gratitude for his assistance in the dramatic change at our school.

Kevin Kilborn
Assessment & Data Coordinator/AZAC Co-Chair
Saddle Mountain Unified School District

Instructional Strategies That Really Work!

I had the privilege to work with Mr. Hanlon and learned valuable instructional and assessment strategies that I have implemented in my classroom.  Linking concepts and skills and using simple straightforward examples, without variations, when introducing new concepts has really resulted in building confidence in my students and a belief they can do math.

The simple concept of pacing when note taking has made a remarkable difference with classroom management and knowledge retention.

Mr. Hanlon’s videos have been a great resource in my classroom!  I’ve used them to prepare my lessons and have incorporated the straightforward examples into my instruction.  There’s nothing better than to hear students say “Mrs. Garcia, that’s easy.”   

Thanks to Mr. Hanlon’s program, ALL of my students, not just those who were previously struggling, have shown academic growth.


Socorro Garcia
Pre Algebra/Algebra I Teacher
Tonopah Valley High School

These videos are incredibly helpful

Bill – These videos are incredibly helpful……we have watched around 15 of them…..they are clear….and at the end, my son Aiden and I both understand the material. They really helped.

Parent of Algebra I student

They really helped

Hi everyone, I have been watching newly produced videos that Bill Hanlon has made. They come with worksheets. I have used the videos and worksheets with my Algebra 1 students and have seen success. I have watched the videos to understand the content more thoroughly, and they really helped. If your school is interested, you should email Bill. These videos would also be great in case you have a sub.

Dana R. Martin, M.Ed.
Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra teacher
Cannon Jr High School, PTSA Board

A low-stress way for students to become more proficient in Algebra

Teaching Algebra and need extra help for your students? Algebra, it’s really this easy videos are a great choice for teachers looking for a resources; whether they use them for remediation, substitutes, implementing a flipped classroom or when differentiating instruction or for blended learning. They contain straight-forward examples and provide linkage between Algebraic concepts and skills. Using these videos can be a low-stress way for students to become more proficient in Algebra and can be used by teachers in various educational settings as a practical and easy way to increase student success.

Lynn Elyse Trell
Coordinator, K–12 Mathematics
Clark County School District

Really well done!

Took the last few days to go through the videos. Really well done! I would like to share this product with AM’s.. Would you be willing to come to an AM meeting in the next few weeks. Again, love the videos, worksheets , etc. Let me know.

Mike R. Barton
Associate Superintendent of Instruction
Clark County School District
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