How to Know if You need Professional & Additional Mathematics Instruction

Today, it seems that math is very rarely a student’s favorite subject. Some children and young adults find the concept of math to be boring and un-engaging, whereas others simply cannot come to terms with the theories that are used. If your students suffer with math, Hanlonmath could be the ideal solution, replacing the confusion and frustration that surrounds this part of the curriculum with knowledge, entertainment, and understanding.
Having skilled and qualified teachers that can provide children with the information they need regarding the more complicated areas of mathematics is an essential part of the learning process for students. However, there is only so much that a teacher can do before he or she may need further help or direction with their math instruction.
Bill Hanlon of Hanlonmath understands and respects the role of teachers and their impact on the achievement of students. With that in mind, he carefully and patiently guides teachers and students alike through an approach to math which links outside experiences and arithmetic together, helping students to overcome their fear of the subject.
Why might You need Professional Instruction?
There are numerous reasons why a student or educational organization may need to access the help of a professional mathematics expert. Because Bill Hanlon combines his in-depth knowledge of math with his understanding of students that live in poverty, he is capable of offering a unique brand of professional development when it comes to teaching math that others simply cannot provide.
You might find that a shortage of math teachers in your area is having a negative impact on your students, forcing them to deal with long term substitutes that cannot provide the level of skill required to teach complex skills and concepts. On the other hand, you might be a school who wants to provide assistance with homebound students, offer extra help through tutoring, remediation and mentoring, or introduce the concept of blended learning.
Whatever the reason, Hanlonmath offers videos and instruction that explain the details behind the math, linking skills to concepts that students already understand.
Why are Instructional Videos Helpful?
Different students learn in different ways, and sometimes, after a while of teaching the same topic, teachers find that they need some refreshment regarding their methods, too. By looking at math from a different angle, teachers and students alike may be able to better understand the subject, and perform better within academic circumstances.
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Of course, a simple five-minute video that covers the basics of a single math problem is not going to be enough to engage and help your students. Instead, you need to access videos that provide numerous straight-forward and engaging examples that help to clarify concepts and identify patterns that students need to learn. What’s more, Hanlonmath videos come with an exercise sheet which uses compatible numbers, allowing students to practice the methods that they have been taught without becoming overwhelmed by the complexities of arithmetic.
Although math is a complex subject, it does not have to be as difficult as some people think; the right guidance can make a world of difference.